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If you are considering mediation, here is a guide to help you select the right mediator.

  • What are your qualifications?
  • How long have you been mediating?
  • What is the cost for each session? How long is a session? How many sessions will I need?
  • What is the cost for preparing an agreement? Are there any additional costs I should be aware of?
  • What percent of clients complete mediation?
  • Have any agreements been rejected by the courts?
  • How long will the mediation process take? How long will it take to prepare any documents?
  • Will I need an attorney?
    • Be careful here. Some mediators will say you can file documents on your own. Know that this is difficult, and these documents are often rejected by the court. More importantly, you should always obtain legal advice before signing any documents that could potentially alter your life. Once the documents are filed it can be very difficult and expensive to undue.
  • When asking about price, make sure you know what you are getting quotes for. There are often separate prices for the mediation, the drafting of the agreement by the mediator (called a Memorandum of Understanding or "MOU"), the review of the MOU, and various attorney fees.
  • Ask what limitations the mediator has if any. For example, if you're entering mediation for a divorce, ask if the mediation for child custody and child support is possible.
  • Also, be sure to ask for references.