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There are alternatives to taking a dispute to court, and this is one of them. Mr. Barone offers his years of experience as a judge to settle disputes of all kinds in a private, non-courtroom setting. After hearing all perspectives and receiving all pertinent information, Mr. Barone will rule in favor of one side or the other, which prior to beginning, will have been contractually agreed upon by all parties that this ruling may not be further disputed.

Additionally, Mr. Barone can also provide mediation, which affords the parties involved to find a resolution themselves. In this case, Mr. Barone will simply provide his legal experience and mediation skill to facilitate discussion. While there is no guarantee that mediation sessions will not go to trial, it is worth the time and money to consider this option first. Furthermore, attempting mediation in the beginning can make trials (if necessary) move along faster than normal because a framework for resolution will have already been established.